Weight Loss Weigh In #1 – Restarting the Journey (Weight Gain)

If you’re a subscriber of mine, you know that I lost around 30 lbs on YouTube. But what you didn’t know is that I went onto lose nearly 50 pounds and didn’t document it on here.

Unfortunately, I gained 30 lbs back over 1.5 years due to lots of life changes, eating too much and not moving enough. I’m going on my second YouTube weight loss journey to lose it again – do it with me! 🙂

This is about getting fit and healthy, but I use my scales to track my progress because I actually enjoy it and the numbers motivate me, plus it gives me body fat percentage estimate. If you find weighing yourself to be upsetting or it causes you anxiety, then don’t do it. Everyone is different! I have seen big changes in my body without losing much weight as well. Weighing is not necessary but I find it motivating.

The same goes for counting calories – I use My Fitness Pal and track calories, but some people hate doing that.

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