Truth About Carbs – When Should You Be Eating Them?

Truth About Carbs – When Should You Be Eating Them?
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What’s going on, SixPackAbs.Com? Thomas here with another Science Takeover Week video about getting the truth nutrition and fitness topics.

Why don’t you have a big slice of pie right before bed? Someone told that was bad, right? Well, today I’m going to break down the myth that you shouldn’t eat carbs after 5:00 P.M.

Let me break it down:

0:53 – “We require certain amounts of carbohydrates to allow an amino acid called tryptophan to enter into our brain…” – The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

When you consume carbs, it allows tryptophan to enter the brain and convert into serotonin – a precursor for melatonin that helps with falling asleep.

2:56 – A lot of people believe that our metabolisms naturally slow down when we go to sleep. Now, that’s not the case here.

“Subjects who moderately exercise had increases in their heart rate and their metabolic rate while they were sleeping…” – The Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology

4:04 – Our brain actually draws carbohydrates from our liver while we’re sleeping – remaining very active as we sleep.

Since the brain will be active as you sleep, it will be able to signal other hormones in your body to release and help you burn fat more efficiently as you sleep.

The right kind of carbs in the evening before bed help restore the necessary liver glycogen that your brain will pull from as a fuel source while you sleep to help your body regulate its metabolism and burn fat.

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