Summer BBQ Fat Loss Tips – 3 Foods You Should Be Eating

Summer BBQ Fat Loss Tips – 3 Foods You Should Be Eating
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Ever get dragged to one of those Summer BBQ’s on the weekend while you’re trying to eat clean and get into that goal physique for the pool and beach? There are a lot of things there that can send you backward with your goals, so I’m going to break down 3 of my best tips to avoid that.

Thomas Delauer here with to help you guys out with getting shredded and into the body you want for the Summer. I’m going to break down the foods you should be eating as well as be aware of when it comes to chowing down at a weekend BBQ.

Let’s break it down:

0:30 – Food #1: Fattier Cuts Of Grilled Meats. You want to be taking advantage and utilizing those saturated fats for your nutrition.

1:06 – Key Reason #2 For Fattier Cuts Of Grilled Meats: Brain health. The brain is made up of 60% saturated fat. The Myelin sheath coating of the nerve is also made up predominantly of saturated fat – this is in charge of sending nerve signals to different areas of the body and is crucial while training.

1:51 – Key Reason #2 Fattier Cuts Of Grilled Meats: Saturated fats are key contributors for sending brain signals i.e. Releasing insulin to help with fat loss. Fats contain 9 calories per gram, helping you feel much more full. And if you condition your body to utilize fat as a fuel source by eating more of them, your body becomes more metabolically efficient at using them as a source of fuel.

3:01: Food #2: Asparagus. Asparagine within asparagus helps the kidneys flush out extra water and minerals that don’t need to be there. This helps to look your best when you’re at a pool party or the beach, along with aiding in weight loss to get the body to metabolism and clear things out.

3:43 – Key Reason #2 For Asparagus: It contains over 100% of your daily value of Vitamin K that helps with eh absorption of Vitamin D and Calcium to help you feel less nervous or anxious.

4:16 – Key Reason #3 For Asparagus: Racemofuran – an anti-inflammatory phytochemical to help you feel less pain and reduce inflammation post-workout.

5:11 – Food #3: Watermelon. A 1/2 cup of watermelon only has 6 grams of net carbs. It’s also mostly water – 92%.

5:45 – Key Reason #2 For Watermelon: Lycopene – the red carotenoid pigment that gives fruits and vegetables their color. Those who consume lycopene had a 55% lower risk of a stroke than those that didn’t. This correlates with blood flow and your training.

6:40 – Key Reason #3 For Watermelon: Citrulline. This helps with muscle soreness and inflammation. Citrulline converts to Arginine – what’s responsible for that “pump” you get while working out. Citrullines conversion to Arginine also blocks out unwanted fat gain. Therefore, down the line watermelon can actually help cause you to burn more fat in the following workout.

There you have it – 3 best foods at a summer BBQ to keep you on track to getting lean, losing fat, and showing off the six pack abs. Now when you get dragged to the next family BBQ on the weekend, you’ll know exactly what you should be putting on your plate.

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