How To Change Your Life – Stop Comparing Yourself To Others!

Hey guys! This is part 2 of my video about how to change your life and achieve your goals. I went from a grade 6 education to being a health professional. I went from being ‘agoraphobic’ with severe social anxiety and not leaving my house for 5 years to doing public speaking. I went from an abusive marriage to a loving relationship. I have a lot more to work on still, but I have come a long way.

This video focuses on what to do after you take that leap and make a small (or big) start on your goals. I talk about taking small steps towards your goal, how to keep the momentum and how to make the right choices toward your goals. I talk about the importance of asking questions and not letting your fear of seeming silly or uneducated or just “not good enough” prevent you from learning from others and working towards your personal best. I talk about avoiding comparing yourself to others, because we all know that but we need to hear it – OVER AND OVER! Learn from people, use them as resources and as motivation, rather than envying people and using them and the concept of their lives to make yourself feel inadequate. You can never be somebody else, you can’t change the fundamentals of who you are, you can’t change the past, you can’t change bad things that happened to you – but you can make your life BETTER.

We all have obstacles that prevent us from achieving things, and if you have physical or mental injuries or illness, it makes it so very hard. Hard, yes, but not impossible. You can always improve your life. There is no part of life or part of your body or part of your mind that is immune to some level of improvement.

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