How To Change Your Life – Motivation & Getting Started

Hi all! This is the first part of a series discussing how I began to change my mindset, achieve my goals and change my life.

I went from a 6th grade education to a qualified health professional. I went from being agoraphobic and not leaving my home for 5 years to doing public speaking. I left an abusive marriage and am now in a loving, peaceful and healthy relationship with a man I felt was “out of my league”. So I thought I’d share my achievements in hopes it can inspire to achieve your goals – because I love watching every day people talk about how they changed their lives for the better.

In this video I mainly discuss just STARTING something. Sounds simple, but it’s almost the hardest part sometimes! If starting was so easy, we’d all have 100 projects on the go right now. So never underestimate the importance of focusing on your FIRST baby step towards your goal!

The second video will get into how to plan the steps you’re going to take once you’ve started and the traps you can get stuck in mentally that can prevent you from progressing.

Thanks for watching and hope you find this helpful in some way.


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