Complete Guide To Reading Nutrition Labels – Protein Bars For Weight Loss & Boosting T

Complete Guide To Reading Nutrition Labels – Protein Bars For Weight Loss & Boosting T
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I have two questions for you today – are protein bars good for you? Or bad for you? Clark Bartram here with Seniority Health to break this all down.

Now, I don’t think protein bars are either good nor bad for you. At the end of the day, you gotta ask yourself “what am I trying to accomplish?” when it comes to what foods I’m choosing to eat. Here’s my take on everything:

0:23 – The best thing you can be doing for yourself is eating whole, natural foods. You see, these protein bars are NOT food, but rather, some company’s attempt to replicate and recreate the sensation of food.

0:58 – We’ve come a long way from just having candy bars.

1:41 – Protein Bar “Pros” #1: Convenience
2:07 – Protein Bar “Pros” #2 – Better Than Not Eating
2:16 – Protein Bar “Pros” #3 – Great Pre/Post-Workout Option

2:48 – Protein Bar “Cons” #1 – Not A Whole Food Option
3:23 – Protein Bar “Cons” #2 – Typically Loaded With Sugar
4:36 – Protein Bar “Cons” #3 – Typically Loaded With GMOs

5:06 – Protein Bar Pros & Cons Recap
Pros: Quick & convenient, Better than not eating, Great pre/post-workout option, and Great taste/candy bar replacement.
Cons: Not a whole food option, Often loaded with sugar, Often loaded with GMOs, and Not always made from the best protein sources.

5:53 – Look for a non-soy-based protein bar like a whey protein bar. Check the ingredients list on the back to make sure.

6:51 – Look a the fiber content of the bar you’re thinking about getting because it will help with countering the sugar and insulin spike that comes from it.

7:45 – Look a the overall calories per bar. That also means taking into account the serving size.

9:03 – Fat sources: saturated versus unsaturated fat.

10:19 – Next time you come across the protein bar section in a store, make sure you take into account what your body is instinctively telling you to crave – the sugar, the salt, and the fat content of your options. Because at the end of the day, your self-control and moderation of these kinds of nutrient sources are what matters the most.

There you have it, guys, a complete guide to nutrition on understanding those bars you may be relying on too much, have been skeptical to try, or are unmindful of when it comes to the nutrient content.

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