CAUTION: Sitting Is The New Smoking – You’ve Been Strangling Yourself

CAUTION: Sitting Is The New Smoking – You’ve Been Strangling Yourself
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Hey, guys. Clark Bartram – creator of TestMax Nutrition here to talk to you about something that every single person does that is absolutely horrible for your health… But, we gotta do it… And that’s sitting.

You see, you spend 8+ hours at the office, sitting at your desk and something starts happening as the day goes by. You may start off the day sitting tall and with a decent posture, but as the day progresses that goes out the window. Your posture begins to suffer, it causes curvature of your spine that stresses all your muscles out.

You see, when you’re sitting down, this is your body in a state of flexion. This is in reference to your quadriceps in your legs being short and tight, causing pressure to your back. And when you’re in flexion all day, your just asking for muscular imbalances in your body.

While sitting down, you don’t give your lungs proper room to expand, so you’re actually hurting your breathing. When you’re hunched over your desk with that warning posture throughout the day, it’s impossible for you to take in as much oxygen as opposed to sitting up tall or even standing. This lack of oxygen puts more pressure on your nerves and doesn’t allow your blood to flow through your veins as efficiently.

Sitting deactivates lipoprotein-lipase – an enzyme in the wall of blood capillaries that breaks down fat in your blood. You need blood flowing through your body to deliver oxygen and the fat traveling and being broken down by the lipoprotein-lipase to provide the nutrients you need to be healthy, however, sitting hinders this tremendously.

With all this happening, you can correlate sitting with decreasing your productivity as well. Do you ever start feeling groggy or falling asleep around 2 P.M.? That’s due to the lack of oxygen and blood flow in your body to keep your brain engaged and awake. So, what do you do? Grab a sugary, caffeine-packed energy drink or coffee. If you want to get yourself off of relying on stimulants, you got to correct your breathing and blood flow, meaning, getting up and moving around.

How do you fix this problem? Stand up. Notice how in many offices, people are investing in stand-up desks? It’s a simple, small tweak that’ll literally change your life for the better. If that isn’t an option for you, my next tip would be setting an alarm for every 2 hours to get up, move around the office, and take in nice, deep breathes. Stretch, be mindful of your posture and try putting yourself against the wall, with heels touching, retracting your scapula, back straight, and head up to stand nice and tall.

What’s the next step after that? Getting out and even trying to fit in exercise 2-3 times a week.

In short, it’s time to get off your ass and start moving around.

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