BUSTED – Brown Rice Will NOT Make Your Muscles Grow Better!

BUSTED – Brown Rice Will NOT Make Your Muscles Grow Better!
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Hey, everyone. Thomas Delauer here on Science Takeover Week to bring you not only a health and fitness myth that’s been around for a while now but a food myth that you need to know about…I’m talking about BROWN RICE.

Now, when you go to a restaurant or your eating out and have an option for brown versus white rice, you’ve been told brown rice is healthier for you and will help with your gains, right? Well, did you know that brown rice is just white rice with the bran husk still on it?

Let me explain:

0:34 – Brown rice contains what I call an “anti-nutrient.” It literally has a built-in mechanism to keep you from absorbing nutrients. The same phenomenon occurs when eating nuts.

1:00 – Phytic Acid & Phytates

1:36 – Inositol Hexaphosphate

1:45 – Science behind eating phytic acid & chelation (pronounced key-LAY-shun)

2:19 – Brown rice milling process

2:49 – How does eating brown rice potentially keep you from building muscle?

3:39 – Glycemic index of brown rice & digestion of brown rice

4:01 – Different Angle: Insulin, carb, and blood sugar spikes that come up and down quickly are not always bad because you can control them better.

4:38 – Understanding the right times to eat & how brown rice makes you feel versus making gains

4:44 – Takeaways from today’s video on when to eat brown rice or white rice

Thanks for tuning in for today’s video. I hope I shed some light on this for you guys out there eating a bunch of brown rice in the hopes that it’s better for your goal of building muscle.

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