2 Quick & Healthy Lunch Recipes To Help Lose Weight

Train For The Body Any Man Over 40 Deserves: http://bit.ly/2rjrvuH What’s going on, guys? Mark Mcilyar here today and we’re going to be “wrapping” today… And, no, I’m not talking about the music. I’m going to show you guys a fast, simple recipe for a healthy lunch any man over 40 can make and enjoy. […]

5 Steps To Getting Through A Midlife Crisis — Andropause With Clark Bartram

Don’t Let Age Stand In Your Way Of Getting In Shape: http://bit.ly/2sUETGo What’s going on, guys? Clark Bartram here today to go over an all-too-common topic men over 40 have to deal with when aging – a “midlife crisis.” Actually, like women who go through menopause, a man’s midlife crisis is known as andropause. Andropause […]

10-Minute T-Boosting Workout — Train To Think Like Marines

How Men Over 40 Need To Be Training: http://bit.ly/2tuewnR Start Your FREE 30-Day Trial Today And The First Download Is On Us: http://adbl.co/2pKHZbs —————- Help Yourself To The Body You Deserve: http://bit.ly/2p27V5u Now, I came up with this workout routine after listening to a great book I found by a man named Patrick Horne & […]


How Men Over 40 Can Help Lose Weight: http://bit.ly/2qCbMXv Hey, guys. Mark here with another at-home workout for you guys to start doing. I got my trusty sidekick Mojo to help me out through this advanced, full-body workout I came up with for you men over 40. I have here 6 different exercises that we’re […]