10 MINUTE CARDIO WORKOUT TO BURN FAT (PART 1) | Best Cardio Workout Routine To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Best 10 minute cardio workout to burn fat fast! PART 1 – This no equipment 10 min HIIT cardio workout routine combines core and bodyweight exercises to lose belly fat & inches. Created and performed by Fat Loss Expert and Master Personal Trainer, Max Barry. Set your interval timer for intervals of 60/15. Complete 1 round of this calorie blast. You can double or triple it, for 20 or 30 minute circuits as well. Here are the 8 moves in this cardio workout routine:

0:45 – 1. Double Trouble (10 x 10 Sprinter/Mountain Climbers)
2:00 – 2. Reachers
3:15 – 3. Side to Side Plank Knee Tucks
4:30 – 4. Floor To Sky
5:45 – 5. Plank Jacks
7:00 – 6. Burpees
8:15 – 7. Plyo lunges
9:30 – 8. High Low Heel Clicks

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10 MINUTE CARDIO WORKOUT TO BURN FAT (PART 1) | Best Cardio Workout Routine To Lose Belly Fat Fast http://youtu.be/Uv564WbZfHw

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